What's With This Jersey Parade During Friday Prayer?

I get it. The world will welcome the biggest sport event - FIFA World Cup. Even though I don't any team to support since Malaysia did not make it this time around (or perhaps, for the next 50 years) - I do understand the eagerness of our people to embrace World Cup. I do.

This afternoon, I noticed that the amount of jemaah wearing international football jerseys are alarmingly noticeable. The most displayed jersey is obviously, since I went for Friday prayer in Malaysia, the nation of Three Lions - England (duh). Yes, the nation with 'golden generation' on every World Cup edition but eventually failed to win on every occasion, except in 1966 - which all Germans (and Germany fans) won't agree.

Anyway, I'm not in a mood to bash England this time around but rather this odd habit of showing off your support for World Cup in the mosque. Surely, there is no specific provision in al-Qur'an mentioning - thou shalt not wear any football jersey. There is not.

But, seriously, don't you guys realize why do we go to the mosque? To offer our pray and utmost humility to The Almighty, no less. Do you think He wanna know what team you'll be cheering for this World Cup? Or do you even remotely have the idea that your team will be blessed since you (and your fellow friends) wear the jersey? 


Don't give me the excuse that you don't have anything else to wear or the jersey is the only decent t-shirt you manage to have to go for Friday prayer. It is NO coincidence that suddenly during the day that World Cup is gonna start, so many people wearing football jersey to the mosque.

No, I'm not preaching that all of you need to be in jubah and serban every Friday. Most of us don't have jubah, and even less know how to wear serban. Just don't bring this worldly football frenzy to the mosque. It shows how much respect you have towards it.

Especially, when you lift your hands for takbir and your eyes catch the glimpse of your newly bought HD television set - or even worse, Shakira's jiggy on Waka Waka.

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