Salah Taip Is Back!

Yes, I couldn't handle the temptation anymore. Being in hiatus for few months does bring the itch to blog again. I am lucky to have a bunch of people that give a hoot about my writings.

And yes, it is because of that - I decided to bring Salah Taip back to life, on Blogspot this time around. The one on Wordpress is deleted.

What shall you expect from this Salah Taip? The same old ramblings you read in the previous one - I can assure you that. I don't know how long will this one last but, hey, I don't really care about that.

Right now, I'm back into the realm of blogging and looking forward to entertain my fellow readers with my entries. Should be fun - like the good old days, yes?

Welcome to Salah Taip. Again.

2 ulasan:

  1. sadakallahulazim..
    khatam sudah salah taip dalam masa tiga hari.
    baru jumpa blog ni hari isnin, dan hari ini hari rabu, sudah habis saya baca.
    nice sangat! saya suka kispen dan hanya sepuluh. bahasa tinggi. tapi saya dapat tangkap dan faham semuanya.
    keep it up! good luck :)