We Are All Narcissists!

What is narcissist?

Okay, for some, this might be a fancy word. Same here - at least before I watched House MD (you get a clue now, yes?) and actually find out how cool and witty a narcissist could be. But then again, something you 'learn' on TV might not turn out to be true in the real world. Sigh.

Back to the definition. Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary defines 'narcissist' as someone who has too much for themselves admiration. As simple as that. Examples? Well, I could give you an endless list right here but it is better to let your imagination run free.

There are A LOT of people in your life that would fit that definition perfectly, is it not? Yes, I can sense your smirk. A person who can't help but to tell stories about his/her magnificence. A guy who always barge into a chat with the classic intro: "You know what? I just...". A girl who spend unbelievable hours in front of the mirror - everywhere.