We Are All Narcissists!

What is narcissist?

Okay, for some, this might be a fancy word. Same here - at least before I watched House MD (you get a clue now, yes?) and actually find out how cool and witty a narcissist could be. But then again, something you 'learn' on TV might not turn out to be true in the real world. Sigh.

Back to the definition. Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary defines 'narcissist' as someone who has too much for themselves admiration. As simple as that. Examples? Well, I could give you an endless list right here but it is better to let your imagination run free.

There are A LOT of people in your life that would fit that definition perfectly, is it not? Yes, I can sense your smirk. A person who can't help but to tell stories about his/her magnificence. A guy who always barge into a chat with the classic intro: "You know what? I just...". A girl who spend unbelievable hours in front of the mirror - everywhere.

Or if it happens that you are with a bunch of friends who are all humble and down to earth - I shall give you few examples to help you understand who a narcissist is. All the dictators who have this similar urge to build their own gargantuan statues - yes, kinda the one that you saw in Nike ad (Write The Future: C-Ron part).

A cuter, less harmful instance would be King Julien, the famous ring-tailed lemur of Madagascar (2005). Among of his (?) quotes are "I am very clever king" and "I am super genius". You get the picture-lah.

Anyway, the point is, narcissism is not exclusive. Never. It is not a psychological disorder. No. WE ARE ALL NARCISSISTS, my friends. All of us possess this hideous urge of enjoyment when we gloat about ourselves. We spend so much time adoring ourselves - and the evidences are staring right at us:

1. Facebook

Seriously, do you think Zuckerberg creates Facebook to 'connect us all together'? No. Facebook is there for you to worship yourself. Status? What is this 'status' thing? Put your every minute detail of life to be viewed, liked, and commented by others - if this is not self-admiration, I don't know what is.

Not to mention, tonnes of your cam-whoring shots (SLR, these days). Oh, and yes, the plethora of quizzes to know who you are - and you can post it on your wall to let the world know that you finally find out who you really are.

2. Car / Bumper Sticker

You know it. These sickening bumper stickers. "I Shop At ABC Because I Am Saving For A New Car". "University Of Padang Raja". "We Are The Proud Parent of SMK Sungai Semut Student". "Awek Cun Di Dalam". "I Support 1Uganda".

Why are these people couldn't resist the temptation of informing the fellow road users who they are or what they stand for? I don't understand because, frankly, I don't give a sh*t of who you are in that car. 

3. T-shirt with Slogans

People love to impose themselves or their thoughts on t-shirt. "Saya Sayang Emak Saya". "I Am With Stupid" (no, you are stupid, you moron). "I Did _____ And All I Got Is This Lousy T-Shirt".

Dude, who cares? I don't wanna know. But still, you can't stop these people from keep on wearing those tees. Sigh. 

Oh, and don't forget this "Class Of ___" t-shirt. Hundreds of names on the back of the t-shirt. No, no. The school name and year of batch is not enough. Everyone must know my name (usually highlighted) and who was I during the school days.

By the way, I would like to suggest our present school kids to have a full directory on the t-shirt - complete of names, IC numbers, phone numbers, and Facebook URLs. 

4. Radio Show Callers

This is a unique breed of narcissist. These are the people who shamelessly call radio show to bare it all. To dump their skeletons in the closet nationwide. To wash their dirty linens in KLCC Park - on Sunday.

Admit it, we heard it all. 

"Saya memang minat awek ni. Dah dua tahun saya usha."

"Abang, sebenarnya Ika yang bunuh kucing abang."

"Saya memang expert bab kentut dalam air."

"Pengalaman manis? Saya duduk sebelah ketua pengawas yang saya minat masa exam."

Again, frankly, I don't give a sh*t.

I know. I know. You might think this is a mindless, grumpy post. Let them be. Live your life. I'm just trying to make a point that we are all narcissists. We don't care if people are disgusted by the way we impose ourselves or how great do we think we are. 

And thanks to self-help writers and motivators, we are told that there is nothing wrong about admiring ourselves - even though most of the time, it is disgusting. 

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  1. hahaha tetap self-help authors akan dimaki.

  2. hahaha tapi yang FB status pun kena maki adalah harsh, hahaha :D

  3. baru baca.. dan.. ah ha.. kena jaga2 la.. self-admiration = riya' kadang2.. ke, most of the time? =) nice post!